The Blue Party

The Blue Party

It was a dark, stormy, cold, rainy, yucky Monday morning in January when the parcel arrived.  Amid the usual get-ready-for-work rush, I stopped to open it.  The contents revealed a small bottle of blue nail varnish (polish) with an accompanying note from California daughter:  “Dear Mom,” it read, “I’m sending this to you so that you will know the colour of the sky here.  I know, because I painted my toenails with this, lay on the beach, put my feet in the air, and they and the sky matched perfectly.”  Ha.  Ha. Ha.  When I told friend Gil about this, she immediately replied, “All right.  Let’s have a blue party.”  So we did.  Blue-dressed contributors bought comfort food they liked when they felt blue.  Among the macaroni-cheese, boiled eggs and mayonnaise, and piles of chocolate renditions, there was not a lettuce leaf in sight.  Friends serenaded us with the blues —  guitars strummed as we composed many a version of “Woke up this morning…”  We watched the full length film “Dougall and the Blue Cat (Ooh I am so evil!)” while drinking blue curacao.  For some reason I baked a loaf of bread with a blue swirl in the middle. And in that cold blustery evening there was unforgettable warmth and laughter.


Cinnamon Toast

Here’s a simple something to make when you are feeling blah.  Toast one side of bread, spread with butter, sprinkle with a mixture of brown sugar (2 tablespoons) and ground cinnamon (1/2 teaspoon).  Grill until melted.  WAIT UNTIL IT COOLS A BIT (yes really).  Accompany it with a hot drink: either hot chocolate with gooily melting marshmallows, or honey and lemon in hot water (with perhaps a slosh of a tipple of your choice).  Best appreciated with feet in slippers in front of a fire, with a friend you feel so comfortable with, that you can both stare at the middle distance saying nothing. Like a cat.




  1. What a great idea. Think I will try it later in the winter when we need a ‘lift’. Funny, I have always buttered my toast before putting the cinnamon on and never thought of using brown sugar instead of white, so two new things to try! Love Sue


  2. I’ll never think of the Blues in the same way again – what a great way to lift your spirits! I won’t feel so bad now about reaching for the comfort food whilst the wind howls down Westfield Road.


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