Scrambled Egg People

I sat in a chrome-and-fluroescent restaurant one day, munching through a flaccid bun-

with-a-hole, stuffed with anemic bacon, waxy cheese, and a weary fried egg, the whole works euphemistically called a “Breakfast Bagel”. All the while I dreamed of scrambled eggs on toast.

This in turn reminded of a crusty old saint named Robin who said that the highest compliment anyone ever gave him was: “You can visit us anytime, Robin. You’re on our scrambled egg list.” To be so relaxed with someone that you can celebrate over ordinary scrambled eggs is true friendship indeed.

Who’s on YOUR scrambled egg list?

Scrambled Eggs

Dunk a slice or 2 of good quality bread into your toaster. Better yet, split a focaccia bun and plop that in. In a little bowl beat one or two eggs with a fork until frothy. Salt and pepper, a pinch of thyme or mixed herbs, and/or a shake of these commercial seasoning salts adds a bit of sparkle .

Now, gently place a tablespoon of butter over low-medium heat in a heavy-bottommed pan. With the eye of a crouching tiger, watch it until it is jusssst melted. Quickly pour in the beaten eggs and with a wooden spoon continually scrape the cooked egg off the bottom of the pan, giving the liquid egg a chance to solidify. When the eggs are almost cooked, remove from the heat and stir in cream cheese to stop the cooking (a tablespoon for each egg used). The whole procedure takes about as much time as the bread takes to toast….[er um, just tried it. It takes a bit longer but not much].

Scrape out the creamy deliciousness onto your buttered toast. A heated plate is an optional extra.


Add snipped chives, or cream cheese with chives.

Add crumbled cooked bacon or ham.

Use 1 tablespoon cream per egg, instead of cream cheese.

(Note: if you’ve got scrambled egg friends with you, increase the amounts accordingly.)

Note number 2: I am so delighted that you are suggesting additions to the scrambled egg recipe.  Also try: smoked salmon and/or an additional egg yolk to make them more golden.  Thank you so much.  Keep those ideas flowing in.


  1. Hi Mom! Great blog spot! No where to comment though…. thought you could add smoked salmon of course! you are definitely on my scrambled egg list. Gosh, you are also on our Biryani and chips list, so that must be love!

    Love you so much Joy xxxx



  2. Sitting in a very blustery Cardington and now craving scrambled eggs! Thanks for the recipe – I’d never have thought of putting cream cheese, but I’ll give it a try (would low fat Philadelphia be suitable?).


  3. Hi Jude
    I have just managed to access this on my tablet. Nerve wracking (the tablet not the blog).

    We are eating stewed plums called czar for breakfast. Very sweet. No need for sugar.
    But we haven’t many because they ripened while I was in France with Jackie.



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