Welcome to Food that Builds Community.  Food is a wonderful, therapeutic way of linking people together.  If you love cooking it’s a great way to enjoy others’ company, including strangers. Food and sharing are activities  to treat with respect, which in turn reward us with enriching friendships.  Our community grows and strengthens everyday because of these links.

Although cooking can be creative and sacred, these recipes are NOT!  Join this, our electronic community, and tell us what you think, how you used them, and any delightfully juicy adjustments you make.  Or, just read them for fun — without any coercion to try to make something you’d rather not.  I know that a lot of people love reading cookbooks, and still go back to the recipes they — and their extended families — have used for years.  Fine with me.

My dearest wish for you is:  may your cookbooks be increasingly splotched with food stains!

Judith Robinson


  1. I’m so looking forward to reading more of your blog posts Judy….you might even inspire me to start cooking again!


  2. So wonderful to see you in blog form!! Hooray! May your aprons be messy and your washing up continuous! All my love, Joy xxxxx


  3. Such an interesting way to keep in touch with those that have touched our lives! Will look forward to seeing what you post next!


  4. Hi Judy, I am a college classmate of yours who just learned of your blog from the college bulletin. It is a delight to read and will inspire me to try some of your recipes. Mostly, I love your writing and spirit. Best.


  5. We so enjoyed sharing thanksgiving meal last Autumn! Thank you again.
    for my 70th birthday I was given a wonderful book of recipes chosen by family and friends with photos and stories. it’s a great treasure. I’ll show you sometime!


  6. Hi Judy, I’d love to get your blog here in Connecticut (near Barbara). How can I sign up to get your blog. Even if I’m not cooking, I still like to read about it.



  7. Hi Judy,
    I’d love to get your blog. How do I sign up? I’m in Connecticut near Barbara. I used to like to cook and hopefully will again, but reading about food would be great and it might even inspire me to cook again!


    1. Wonderful wonderful! Thank you for asking! I will put you on my Celebrity List. The blog comes out at the end of each month, and a new one is going out today. The recipe is, as they say in Britain, “dead easy” this time, but comforting. One book suggested that it is great for coming back to after a pub visit — alas temporarily forbidden these days.
      Please feel free to share the blog with your friends. If anyone wants to get on the list, just let me know.

      Keep in touch. It’s great to hear from you! Judy

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    2. Hello Willa, I DID respond to you, and welcomed you, but the message stayed with me because I wrote it in the wrong place. Duhhhhh. There is a lot to learn in this blog business, and I’m utterly delighted to hear from you, and hope that you are enjoying the blogs — April’s was a bit late, but that was because the learning “curve” was a line, straight up!

      Best wishes, Judy


  8. Hey Judy
    I’m a friend of Jim Scott.
    I like to read your blogs and make some recepts for Jim, as a surprice
    Greatings Diana


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